Frequently Asked Questions.

I have lost the keys is this a problem ?

Once we have your permission to gain entry we can deal with this kind of problem, loss of keys is quite common.

My Car Has Been Standing For A Long Time ?

Genrally we a car has been standing in the open for a priod of the the brakes tend to lock on, we have ways of dealing with this problem.

I Cannot Find My V5c Registration Document ?

This is another common problem but we have a procedure to deal with this. All cars and vans have a VIN number (vehicle identification number) this can be used to de-register your car or van but under these circustances we will ask you to fill in one of our release forms for legal reasons.

Do You Remove Car/Van Shells.

No this is not possible through our company but some companys will remove shells at a cost to you.

What Happens Once My Scrap Car Is Towed Away ?

Your car is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It goes through the strict processes to goverment guidlines. The (ATF) will remove everything that can be recycled from the car before its crushed.

Does My Car Have Any Spares Value ?

Generally 90% of scrap cars have no spares value and will go to the treatment centre and the recycling process will start immediatly. As a company we do not sell parts or dismantle cars or vans.

Do I Have To Be Present On Collection ?

No, we can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere. We appreciate that sometimes your vehicle may not be in the same location as you or because of work commitments you may not be able to be there.

Is Your Company Registered With DVLA ?

No company is registered with DVLA and legally cannot use there logo. The Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is legally where your vehicle is de-registered through the DVLA data base. If a company claims they are registered with DVLAŽ this is simply untrue.

Can I Claim Back My Unused Car Tax ?

Yes this is very simple, We fill in section 9 (the yellow part) and you post this part to DVLA or fill this in on-line and this will generate a rebaite or cancel your direct debit.

I Want To Keep My Number Plate ?

When your application has been approved by the DVLA, you will receive a V778 Retention Document. Dont sell or scrap your vehicle until you receive this document!. Please remember to transfer or retain your registration mark your car needs to be taxed insured and have a valid mot.

Do You Sell Car Or Van Parts ?

We do not break or dismantle cars for spares, so please do not ring for any second hand car parts we simply remove end of life cars.

Is My Car Worth Anything ?

Yes we will offer you a price for your car against the scrap weight of your car or van. We price against the current world metal prices which fluctuate daily so ring for the latest price.

Scrap Your Vehicle Online

You can have your car or van collected and recycled by simply completing our online collection Form.

Scrap Vehicle Collection - End Of Life Vehicles - MOT Failures Recycled

Accident Damaged Cars & Write Off's Scrap and Unwanted Cars/Vans disposed Of

Tax Expired Vehicles - All Makes & Models Collected Free

Property Managment, Local authority, abandon vehicle removal.

When you fill in our online form your vehicle will be scrapped legally and you will get a DVLA Certificate Of Distruction (COD) if required.

Fill in the online form below with your details, once submitted we will contact you by phone and disscuss your requirements and arrange for your vehicle to be removed for recycling at a convinient time that suits you.

ALL submitted details remain private and confidential as governed by the data protection act 1998.


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